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Alessandra Almeida

Partner and Consultant

Alessandra Almeida is a partner at Corall with experience in transformation processes, involving consulting and coaching, with a generative and integrated approach. Interested in movements that contribute to unleashing potential and evolution of awareness, she adopts an approach that reconciles the most recent discoveries of science with ancient knowledge.

Over the course of 20 years of consulting experience, she developed projects at companies in a wide variety of industries, supporting the implementation of integrated management systems, aligned with the company culture and purpose, as well as projects to strengthen teams and coaching.

She holds a degree in Business from Universidade Mackenzie, with specializations in Human Resources and Finance from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Biopsychology from Instituto Visão Futuro, Coaching and Generative Trance from the International Association for Generative Change, Organizational Constellation with Cornélia Bonenkamp and Culture Assessment from the Barrett Values Centre. She is also trained as an Instructor in: Hatha Yoga by Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisas de Yoga, Tantra Yoga by Instituto Visão Futuro and Chi Kung by Associação Brasileira de Tai Chi Chuan.