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Areas of Operation

Development of Strategy and Evolution Narratives

We develop and support the implementation of robust strategic planning projects – from conception to execution – so that strategy and culture walk hand in hand and contribute to the organization’s evolution in the desired direction, from a powerful, integrated, and mobilizing narrative.

For exploring future trends, we partner with Inventta, and for diving into current strategy and co-designing and implementing future strategy, with Visagio.

Evolution of Organizational Culture

We believe in culture as the creative and liberating pattern of powerful organizational changes.

We develop and implement cultural evolution projects that strengthen identity and the way organizations position themselves in the world, how they do things, and generate their results.

For cultural mapping, we partner with Humanizadas, and for mapping of the influencer network, with Pence.

Integration of Strategy and Culture in M&As

We embrace the multidimensionality and complexity of integrations between organizations, preparing leadership and creating the necessary conditions for a new organization to emerge with identity, culture, strategy, and brand, in a way that enhances their stories and enables a desired common future.

Strengthening Leadership and Teams

We prepare leaders for more conscious and potent action, with more accurate and profound listening.

We support leaders and executive teams on their evolutionary journeys, with specially designed programs to develop and enhance adaptive leadership in the real contexts of complexity experienced in and by the organization.

An effectively innovative vision and the creation and sustenance of dialogue to unleash the power of organizations in their relationship with the surrounding world is the challenge that invites and guides us on this joint journey.

Design of Management and Organization Models

We rethink management to allow its continuous remodeling in adaptive systems, leading the organization to constitute itself as a space for life potentiation, generating significant results in different dimensions; more adapted to a new and changing reality.