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Leadership and Organizations for a New Economy

This is a compilation of two books published by the authors in 2014 regarding new findings on leadership and organizational innovations based on a comprehensive field and literature survey carried out by the authors from the period of 2012 and 2013 in United States, Europe and Brazil.

New management models and mindsets are emerging that enable win-win-win relationships between all stakeholders of a company, more importantly, contribute for a better life and planet for current and future generations while generating value and prosperity above all benchmarks in the last 15 years.

The authors are partners at Corall Consulting, a group of executives and entrepreneurs that decided to work together as catalysts for the co-creation of new models of organizations and relationships to accelerate the emerging of a new economy based in shared prosperity, in the efficient use of resources, in happiness and wellbeing. They also funded the Brazilian chapter of the Conscious Capitalism movement in conjunction with other entrepreneurs and business leaders that help evolution of business to a more sustainable and prosperous level.

The books can be found in Portuguese at Amazon under the names “Liderança para uma nova economia” by Vicente


Liderança Para Uma Nova Economia (Leadership for a New Economy)

This book was written especially for those of you who have wondered what is going on within the scope of organizations, which have generally been showing unsatisfactory results for most of their stakeholders. Welcome to this growing network of persons who are looking to build organizations that prosper within a reality that is more and more complex every day, to which this book will help you connect.

Get to know the stories of eleven organizations located in the United States and in Brazil that transformed themselves or emerged in the past 30 years, navigating on the waves of changes, which discovered their own innovative and different paths to operate, with amazing results. This book also presents the most recent scientific discoveries on the psychological and social well-being of people, and how a new way of leading has been molding organizations based on these findings, creating coherence between the purpose, culture, structure and management of companies.

Brazil still faces many challenges before it can achieve the level of development that we dream of, and this is precisely where the opportunity indicated in this book lies. Based on more humane, flexible, resilient and efficient models, the leadership of our companies can be inspired and can develop its own models, without destroying what is most precious to us – the facility we have to connect with each other, our flexibility and entrepreneurship, and our innate joy.


Novas Organizações (New Organizations)

This book was first published 25 years ago, when Mauricio Goldstein, a recent graduate with a degree in engineering, began to work at a pharmaceutical company that was one step away from collapse. With serious problems in its portfolio, the company was on life support. When there seemed to be no hope left, a charismatic leader joined with an organization in which partnership, autonomy, creativity and engagement were the dominating factors, and which transformed the business disaster into a profitable, innovative company with happy employees. In a short time, this pharmaceutical company achieved excellent results.

Based on that experience, his dream was finding other companies in which that innovative form of management and positive impact on the different stakeholders was present. Goldstein wanted to write a book about this topic that would enable other organizations to replicate the success and good results that this style of management had provided. As a curious traveler and consultant, his trips throughout Brazil and the rest of the word put him in contact with similar successful experiences.  

During the past five years, he began to gather case studies, enrich them with academic and field research and organize them. The result is now in your hands, dear readers.

Jogos Políticos nas empresas (Political Games)

Tão logo as pessoas começaram a trabalhar juntas, engajaram-se em jogos políticos. Motivadas por ganhos de curto prazo – promoções, financiamento de projetos, status junto ao chefe – elas fazem mau uso de seu tempo e energia.

Hoje, quando muitas empresas estão lutando pela própria sobrevivência e por recursos escassos, há mais estresse e ansiedade, e os colaboradores engajam-se em jogos mais intensamente do que nunca.

Os especialistas organizacionais Mauricio Goldstein e Philip Read sustentam que os jogos políticos nas empresas – esses comportamentos manipuladores que desviam a atenção dos colaboradores do cumprimento de sua missão – são tanto conscientes quanto inconscientes.

 Eles podem e devem ser minimizados. Neste livro, os autores fornecem ferramentas para diagnosticar os jogos mais comuns e apresentam um processo em três etapas para lidar eficientemente contra esse problema.

Diálogos com CEOs (Dialogues with CEOs)

Diálogos com CEOs is a book for readers who want to dive right into the possibilities of transformation and into the stories of people who have found their own path to reinventing themselves or their businesses, without pre-established patterns, without obvious endings, and without predefined rules. The book contains more than twenty conversations with presidents or business leaders, who speak of their beliefs, of evolution, of listening, and of innovation.

Conducted by the partners of Corall – Fabio Betti, José Luiz Weiss, Mauricio Goldstein, Ney Silva and Vicente Gomes – they are an inspiration for young people, entrepreneurs, executives and all those who want to make a difference, not only in their professional lives, but in all areas of their lives. This is an authentic book in regard to the feelings it reveals, and each conversation is powerful. It is a book that should not be devoured all at once, but instead, enjoyed little by little. Finally, it is a book that will make each of us rethink what we consider important.

A Encruzilhada (The Crossroads)

A Encruzilhada: o despertar do líder imortal, the third book written by Marcio Svartman, is an allegory about the roles that are imposed on our lives when we allow our internal spaces to be occupied by silent fears, feelings, and memories that we do not want to see.

In A Encruzilhada, Marcio Svartman proposes an in-depth examination, a journey through what it means to be, one that seeks to obtain transformation through simplicity. The reflections that gave rise to this work were born through the interactions of Svartman in a wide array of areas – from his work as a coach, an integrative therapist, organizational consultant and Aikido Master, as well as from his relationship with life itself.

Você Pra Mim é Problema Seu! (For Me, You are Your Own Problem!)

Are you doing what you want with your life? Are you happy at your work? These questions pass through our lives, sometimes we embrace them; other times we run away from them. This book invites leaders to travel through what is behind the curtains covering our decisions and our actions, questioning our professional lives, our family lives, and even our collective lives and the mental patterns in which we are imprisoned. Through the stories, tales and actual experiences of the author and other real people, readers are invited to question what truly motivates their actions and reactions, and to reconstruct their idea of limits. In summary, this book seeks to help readers to realize what goes on around them and to find paths that enable them to resume control over their lives and to access the full potential of their abilities and desires. At some points, it may feel like a bucket of cold water has been poured on us; however, we should keep in mind that water refreshes, renews and gives us energy.

Unleash all the potential of your organization.