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Who is Corall?

Corall works with businesses of all sizes and sectors, including startups, impact ventures, NGOs, and public agencies.

Unleashing potential starts with recognizing all human groups as living, interdependent systems, and the belief that all people and organizations are capable of learning and adapting.

We act to influence the essential conditions for creative potential to emerge, whether in individuals, organizations, or large systems.

We operate in cycles of reflection, action, and learning, seeking adaptive solutions for complex dilemmas through the combination of human, artificial, and natural intelligence.

We access the internal wisdom of each organization, directing it towards the necessary process of regeneration, unleashing the available potential in professionals, teams, and organizations.

We create high-quality dialogic spaces, grounded in knowledge and experience, giving voice to the unspoken and unleashing stagnant potentials, generating understanding and movement in the system and accessing information available in disguised formats.

We believe in embracing reality as it is, socially constructed and mutable. We transcend the membranes of unexpressed agreements that protect the status quo and offer a radical willingness to accept and honor the true patterns of the system, liberating evolution.

We operate from a systemic perspective of evolution in rapid, adaptive cycles.

Our work is the result of a combination of…

  • Field research and in-depth study of entrepreneurial companies in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, and innovation ecosystems in Silicon Valley and Israel.
  • Expertise in social transformation methodologies such as Complexity Theory, Theory U, Social Constructionism, Generative Dialogue, Warm Data Lab, Organizational Constellation, Mindfulness, Dynamic Facilitation, and Large-Scale Interventions.
  • Our unique methodology of Unleashing Potential (abundant, appreciative, adaptive, and evolutionary perspective).
  • Robust experience with over 800 multinational, national, startup, medium, and small business clients from all sectors of the economy over Corall’s 9 years and the partners’ experience as executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants.
  • When you feel responsible for creating a new worldview.
  • When facing a very complex context or dilemma.
  • When you see new possibilities, but find them hard to access.
  • When you feel that the culture needs to evolve and transform.
  • When you realize that your team could be much more like a collective.
  • When you sense there’s a more evolved way of operating and doing business.
  • When you notice that the flow of interactions and relationships could be smoother.
  • To unleash the potential of the organization, its people, and the ecosystem it’s part of, in service of life.

With companies, startups, impact businesses, NGOs, and public agencies.

Sustainable and profound evolution with systemic impact covering human aspects, as well as financial, environmental, and social results.

Unleash your organization's potential.

Talk to us and explore new possibilities.