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A deep dive in all senses to unleash the innovative and human potential of your team, group or organization.

Who's listening in a world where everyone talks?

The Listening Lab is an immersive experience  that we develop, with practice, dialogue and reflection, a much more sensitive, deep listening that enables for innovation, transformation and learning.

At the end of this experience, you will be in a different position, as a person and as a professional, being able to apply what you have learned in all your relationships.  All the same!

Because listening to others, ourselves and the whole is essential for anyone who takes responsibility for the constant evolution of an organization and the people who make it exist.

The Listening Lab is available online and live for teams and groups organizations.

Occasionally, we offer open classes.

Workshop Structure

The Listening Lab takes place in a flow of 4 weekly two-hours meetings and some simple and powerful activities between the meetings. Online. Live. Via Zoom..

Who is it for

Designed for teams, organizations that want to evolve their way of relating, working, liberating the human potencial innovation that comes from listening. 

For people who are rethinking their choices and the impacts they have on others, on themselves and on the whole.

For those who feel the need to better listen to all the senses. 

For those who want to lead and influence transformations in organizations, teams and in themselves.

For those who miss living spaces where listening is valued and want to sustain these spaces, whether presencial or virtual.

What to expect

It’s not a webinar or a live, it’s a living experience!

So be prepared to do exercises before, during and after the meetings.

A safe, soft and reliable space to get in touch with reflections, theories and practical tools capable of expanding the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual repertoire of the participants.

It’s a dive in every all senses.

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Alessandro Gruber

Alessandro Gruber is a consultant and partner at Corall, facilitator and expert in organizational transformation processes, culture evolution, innovation and leadership development.

Recently, he has studied and participated in development and training programs such as: Complexity and Warm Data (Nora Bateson), Science and Practice of Uncertainty, HSD; The Creative Rollercoaster, Now-Here; Generative Dialogues, Dora Schnitman and Generative Coaching, Stephen Gilligan.

Business Administrator and Post Graduate in HR Management, he developed a career of more than 10 years in the Human Resources area in companies in the financial, food and, lastly, pharmaceutical sector, where he led areas and projects related to organizational transformation, leadership development, innovation and design thinking, coaching, career, performance management.

He has a special interest and curiosity in discovering different methodologies, contexts, ways of operating and making interventions to deal with the unknown and complexity, unleashing the potential already available to people and organizations.

Fabio Betti

Fabio Betti is a partner at Corall and consultant specializing in Communication, Leadership, Dialogue, Culture, Innovation and Cultural Transformation.

Graduated in Journalism at PUC-SP, post-graduated in Corporate Communication at ESPM-SP and with a master degree in Cultural-Biology for Universidad Mayor de Santiago, has over 25 years of experience in organizational communication, working as communication executive at Johnson & Johnson and Dow Química and as entrepreneur at Cia de Video and Novacia.

He works also as teacher in Face to Face Communication for the Brazilian Association of Corporate Communication (ABERJE), in Dialogue for the Dialogue School of São Paulo and in Leadership Communication for Fundação Dom Cabral.

Fabio is married to Claudia, has two children, Gabriel and Pietro, and lives in São Paulo, Brasil.

Listening is essential for anyone who wants to lead and influence transformations in organizations, teams and in themselves.


Christian Beccia
Juliana Beretta
Larissa Duarte
Luciana Lourenço
Luciene de Sousa
Luciana Moraes
Roberta Santana
Sueli Coqueiro
"It is a living experience of awareness of not listening and awakening to internal and external listening."
Zilá Rodrigues
"If you want to listen to yourself and listen to other people with presence and meaning (heart, looks, action and words), this is the invitation."
Paulo Resende
"An incredible experience that has helped me to listen to the other with more quality, to use my instinct to hear beyond words and hear myself more fully"
Dalva Moreira
“Alê and Fábio are masters of the subject, they will guide you on a group journey.”
Fabiana Chagas
“You need to participate in the Listening Lab! It's impactful. There is no way to explain. It's experiential.”
Lourene Moreira
"If you want to know more about listening to yourself and others, come to the lab"
Edielson Mendes
"A lab that encouraged me to listen with different senses."
"You will have the opportunity to listen to yourself and recognize the quality of your listening to others. You will experience situations that bring new questions and many reflections."
Fernanda Muniz

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