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Terms of Use for the Corall Website

At CORALL, we offer our services through specialized consulting solutions in transformation and culture within organizations. To this end, we provide this website so you can learn more about our work and contact us, whether to hire the services offered or to resolve any other queries.

Therefore, these Terms of Use, along with the Privacy Policy, govern the CORALL website and the relationship of its users with the company.

If, after reading these Terms of Use, you do not understand or agree with any point, we ask that you contact us via email at before continuing to browse or hire services.



1.1. The site is an informative platform for the promotion of CORALL’s services.

1.1.1. Through the site, you can learn about our team and more about the services and projects of CORALL, as well as access our educational content, such as Corall Talks and our podcast “No caminho a gente se explica” (On the way we explain).

1.2. Access and use of the site do not require registration or form filling, except when interested in contacting CORALL, where it will be necessary to provide personal data to send the request.

1.3. The site does not have and does not convey information directed at minors or, on the other hand, inappropriate for these ages, therefore, it is exempt from classifying information by age group.



2.1. These Terms of Use refer exclusively to the site. Each of the services advertised on our site is governed by its own terms and conditions, which should be analyzed in specific contracts and documents when hiring.



3.1. For questions about our services, you can send messages to the CORALL team via email, available at or through Whatsapp service at (11) 99347-8219.

3.1.1. In the case of contact via form, filling in all fields is mandatory for submission and internal processing. In this case, as stated in the Privacy Policy, the following data will be collected: full name, email, and mobile phone.

3.2. Messages sent via the form or through Whatsapp are merely contact and do not constitute the hiring of services or products.

3.3. Contact information and personal data provided by you in the form may be used for communications and sending content produced by CORALL, under the terms of our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at this link.



4.1. Through our site, you can also access our ‘Content’ tab through the link: In this tab, we share content related to our services, such as the Corall Talks initiative and our podcast “No caminho a gente se explica”, as well as guidelines and ongoing projects, news, articles, and books related to our segment.

4.2. We also provide informative content about our services through the ‘Fronts’ tab:, which details our areas of operation, explaining the types of projects offered, as well as the purposes and guidelines followed in the execution of the contracted service.

4.3. In the case of linking to third-party pages, it is important to mention that, according to our Privacy Policy, each of these sites will have its own Privacy Policy, and CORALL is not responsible for data processing by such pages.



5.1. The information and texts available on the site are authored by CORALL or obtained from public sources considered reliable. We periodically improve, correct, and update the information published on the site, but there is no guarantee that the materials are the most current at the time of your access.

5.2. The information and content of external links occasionally indicated on the site are informative and are not the responsibility and control of CORALL. Such external links, when applicable, are indicated for your convenience, which does not imply that CORALL endorses the external content or any association with its operators.

5.3. All content available on the site is the sole and exclusive property of CORALL or has undergone proper licensing or assignment to the company. Therefore, no license or assignment of intellectual property rights is granted to you, and it is prohibited to reproduce any part of the site or its content, under penalty of sanctions provided in applicable legislation.

5.4. The use of the name Corall Consultoria or just CORALL, the domain (and ramifications), as well as the content of the site screens, are property of CORALL and are protected by international laws and treaties on intellectual property. Unauthorized and total or partial reproduction of these contents is prohibited, except with our express authorization.



6.1. Given the informative and expository nature of the site, CORALL is not responsible for any damages arising from the misuse of content, external links, and other documents available on the site, nor for actions taken by you based on such information.

6.2. Considering that we have no control over third-party websites and content, you understand that these Terms of Use are not applicable to third parties – including social media – even if you use such media to connect to the site. You should always pay attention to the terms and policies applicable to third-party sites you visit.

6.3. CORALL is not responsible, within the limits of applicable legislation, for any damages resulting from the use of the site, equipment failure, connection, data transmission, errors, interruptions, delay in its operation, computer viruses, failures in the telecommunications system or in the connection provider, nor for any incompatibility between the site and the internet browsers used by you.



7.1. By continuing to browse, you agree to use the site in good faith and respecting its purely informative purpose.

7.2. It is forbidden to use the site in any way that may impair its functioning, including, but not limited to, attempts to introduce malicious code, denial of service attacks, or abuse of any defect or error in the site.

7.3. Any intrusion, attempt, or activity that violates or contradicts the laws in force in Brazil, including Law No. 13.709/2018 (General Data Protection Law – LGPD), will make the responsible party liable to the relevant legal actions, as well as indemnification for any damages caused.

7.4. By providing the site, we are committed to using tools compatible with high and current standards of security assurance, with the aim of preventing the transmission of malicious codes and/or corrupted files.

7.5. CORALL is not responsible for any damage, loss, or loss suffered by you due to internet failures, in the systems or servers used by you, or those resulting from third-party conduct, fortuitous event, or force majeure. We are also not responsible for any virus that may attack your equipment as a result of access, use, or browsing on the internet or as a consequence of transferring data, files, images, texts, or audio.



8.1. In addition to the information that we may collect, as per item 3 above, the site collects personal data and browsing information through cookies, which may be shared with national and international suppliers for storage, availability, and maintenance of the site, email flows, among others.

8.2. The collection, processing of personal data, their respective purposes, and your rights as data subject are governed by their own policy, which can be accessed at this link.



9.1. The Terms of Use are an adhesion contract and undergo periodic reviews, without the need for prior notification. Therefore, it is important that you consult the document to know if you continue to agree with its terms before continuing navigation.

9.2. Finally, it is essential to mention that this document is in compliance and should be interpreted based on the laws in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil. To resolve any doubts or issues related to it, the parties elect the Court of the District of São Paulo/SP, to the exclusion of any other.