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Vicente Gomes

Partner and Consultant

Vicente Gomes is a consultant and partner at Corall, and a researcher of human organizational evolution. He is the co-founder of the Brazilian Institute of Conscious Capitalism and promoter of companies for a New Economy.

He has acted as a management and personnel consultant for more than 30 years at companies undergoing transformation and startups of the New Economy. He is a coach, mentor and conference presenter in conscious management, organizational culture, leadership, disruptive business trends and production arrangements, sustainability and psychological well-being. Recently he published the book “Liderança para uma nova economia – como as empresas estão inovando para uma gestão mais eficaz e inspiradora” (Leadership for a new economy – how companies are innovating to achieve more effective and inspiring management).

He holds a degree in aeronautic infrastructure engineering from Instituto Tecnológico da Aeronáutica (ITA) with specializations in Industrial Management (USP/Fundação Vanzolini), Bio-psychology, Tantra Yoga and Integral Sustainability (Faditu/Instituto Visão Futuro) and Organizational Constellations (Infosyon); he worked at Trevisan Consultores and in the Hay Group, business and personnel management consulting, where he worked as a consultant, global executive and partner.